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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions do you? I hope we have the answers! If not, please feel free to Contact Us and we'll do our best to respond.
 Can I Buy a Gift Certificate?

Yes you can! We do not yet have the capability to purchase through our web store, but you can purchase by contacting us and asking for one.

We can issue them in any amount (in Canadian Funds), and accept Paypal, Visa, or Mastercard as payment. All we need is the name of the person you are giving the gift certificate to and how you will pay. We'll issue an electronic gift certificate in PDF format to you to give to the recipient.

 Do you allow Local Pickups?

Of course!

If you found us on the internet, we invite you come on buy and select what you'd like to purchase. We have stock and you can browse and pay in person.

If you bought items on eBay (or care to try your hand at bidding low), feel free, but we have the following policy for eBay purchases:

  1. Payment MUST be made in person. PayPal, Money Orders, and other forms of remote payment are NOT allowed. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Cash for local purchases.

Purchasing locally:

  1. We accept Debit, Mastercard, Visa, and cash for buying at-site!

Just Contact Us and request information to find us and we'll arrange a pick up time.

 Are you a "Real Store"?

Well, we used to be!

Vesivus opened as a retail store in 2003 and we established a solid reputation as the most friendly, value-oriented gaming store in Edmonton, Alberta, and possibly even Canada, and maybe in the world!

We closed our doors and downsized in 2007 but are still operating on a part-time basis. We have a large selection of dice available, and primarily focus on selling those. We bring in dice regularly and have still sell new cases of miniatures, new roleplaying books, etc.

(Feel free to read more About Us...)

 Where is My Shipment? Is Tracking Available?

Parcels in Canada have tracking, but not lettermail (1 or 2 dice sets). Please Contact Us to get the tracking number.

Unfortunately, most shipments to the USA and Internationally do not have tracking and do not have insurance. If you upgrade the shipping you will see if insurance is provided.

 How much does shipping cost?

This question is unfortunately not as straight-forward as it may seem. It depends on two things: Where You Are, and What You Ordered.

Most of our dice are shipped out in a padded lettermail envelope. This is to ensure the best pricing and delivery times for you, our most-valued customer.

For these shipments, pricing is as follows:

$4.50 CAD + $0.50 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*
$5.50 CAD + $0.50-$1.00 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*
$6.50 CAD + $1.00 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*

Certain shipments (such as full metal dice sets and jumbo dice) require a parcel service:

$13.00 CAD + $0.50 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*
$13.00 CAD + $0.50-$1.00 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*
$13.00 CAD + $1.00-$1.50 CAD / Additional Set of Plastic Dice*

Additional charges may apply for eastern Canada. For parcels, it is highly recommended to upgrade to Airmail  if the shipment is going outside of Canada. We will quote the price increase to you when you Order.

* Metal Dice, Jumbo Dice, and Chessex 12d6 Blocks weigh more and cost more to add.

 How do I purchase miniatures?

We used to be one of the internet's most reliable and comprehensive sources of Wizards of the Coast miniatures. To those that have ordered from us in the past, we thank you. We had a great run.

We have now restructured our store to provide gaming dice, and no longer sell singles miniatures. We have continued to provide our miniatures listings for your convenience.

 I've completed my order. How do I pay?

The invoicing process with us is still manual. We will receive your order and contact you with either a paypal invoice or a request for a credit card number.

Thank you for your patience while we transition to be more automated! :)

 Do You Ship To My Country?
Yes! We ship all over the world.
When purchasing your dice, you can select one of three options in the Country drop-down box. Select International for any country other than the United States or Canada, and enter your state/province AND Country in the box provided.