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About Vesivus

Vesivus was founded in early 2003 by an energetic young gamer named John Kroetch. He originally started selling prepainted D&D figures (manufactured by Wizards of the Coast) as a means to subsidize his hobby.
It quickly grew into a larger business thanks to John's business acumen and software development skills. It was only a matter of time before he started selling some of his product on eBay, and he eventually opened up a Retail Gaming Store in Edmonton Alberta in 2004.
Vesivus Store
The gaming store did very well, and had a very loyal set of customers who loved the geekdom of Vesivus, but John wasn't happy. Being locked down to very long gaming store hours coupled with the overhead of a retail environment was not the vision that he had.
In 2007, John gave the sad news to his employees and customers and closed the retail store front. Vesivus now focuses on dice, and plenty of them. It is our mission to provide economical yet high-quality dice to our customers, and to that end we are usually available by phone (780.686.4792) or email (order@vesivus.com) to answer any question or concern you may have.
John Kroetch, Owner
Thank you all very much for you patronage of our store. We value you as clients as well as friends.

John's Signature